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Wilpattu is located 30 km west of Anuradhapura and 180 km north of Colombo. The main attraction is the Wilpattu National park which is the largest and oldest national parks in Sri Lanka. It is spread over an area of 1317 sq. Km. It has natural lakes or also known as Willus, inside the park. In the following sections, you can find details about Wilpattu national park and things to do in Wilpattu.

One of the main attractions inside the national park is for watching leopard, elephants and sloth bears of Sri Lanka in their natural habitat. It has more than 30 other species of birds and animals. It includes birds like spoonbills, white egrets, garganey, whistling teal, and White Ibis, It also has peacocks, and some migratory birds. Purple Herons in the National park. You can also find Sri Lankan wild fowls, Cormorant, and Painted Storks. Among the animals, you can spot barking deers, spotted, wild buffalo, mongoose, monkeys. You can also find monitor lizards, mugger crocodiles, Common Cobra, Python, turtles in their natural living habitats. The ideal time to visit this National part is between February to October, though the park is opened entire the year. The national park is covered with dense forest for 70% of the land area. Park is green and plenty of water resources.

To tour the national park, you have three different options to choose as per your convenience. You can choose to arrange a tour for yourself by booking through private tours or take a guided safari package or tented safari camping package. The park themselves arrange safaris for you when you arrive at the park.

When you chose to arrange the tour for your self, you can visit and explore the park by self-drive or booking a private vehicle, who provide pick and tour and drop at your locations. Such tours offer the tour on your comfort, stay put at any location and time in the park, spot the birds and animals you wish and go around lakes and natural habitats of the wild. Their charges usually include pick up, tour inside the park, an English speaking guide, bottled water. It does not include tickets, breakfast or lunch and other expenses, fees, permits, etc, which you need to bear for yourself.

When you take the guided safari package, you get pick up and drop, venturing the national park, one or two days of accommodation, meals including tickets. Most packages start with a welcome drink before starting to the national park and you will be guided throughout the journey till your drop off. You can choose any of the safari packages that are either half a day in the morning or afternoon or entire day package. After visiting the park you will be provided with accommodation in nearby safari hotels, bungalows or guest house. It includes meals and morning breakfast. Such packages vary in cost depending upon the type of package and services included in the packages. These are ideal for a days visit to the national park. camping Safari package is the most luxurious package of the three types at Big Camp Game which just 5 km from the entrance of the park. It is a unique type of package with camping right inside the national park with meals, accommodation, campfire at night and a delicious Sri Lankan breakfast. This package includes pick up, drop, touring the national park, tickets, fees, and permits. The most exciting part of this package is the night stay in the luxury camp tents with a private bathroom and a double bed and a campfire dinner. You will also enjoy a morning wake up call by chirping birds right beside your tent. You may also encounter a few animals that roam near your tent but you are well guarded with a touring team who guides you through the entire journey. All these facilities are included under the package. Do not forget to go for an adventurous and exciting morning safari the next day.

With such a memorable and adventurous tour in the park, you always wish to visit again and again. Do not forget to take photographs with animals you spot.

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