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Ella is a small beautiful village in Sri Lanka. It is filled with tea plantations, hills, waterfalls and plenty of natural landscapes. Reaching Ella from Kandy by train the best experience you enjoy on your trip to Sri Lanka. The journey passes through dense and misty forests, large tracts of tea plantations, streams and waterfalls, and friendly locals. The most exciting part of this journey to Ella is from Nanu Oya to Ella which passes through dense and evergreen forest, Horton Plains national park. It gives you the most memorable train ride with incredible natural landscapes. Your excitement continues further when you reach to explore Ella which offers a host of activities for you to explore and enjoy.

Little Adam's Peak

Little Adam’s peak offers you an hour of hiking from town to top of a peak. It has three peaks and the last peak is a bit challenging not recommended for children. Most part of the climbing is easy except for the last 10 minutes, where you climb steep stairs. Though challenging at first, you will be encouraged by a large number of others who also hike along with you. When you reach the top of the peak, you get a breathtaking view of hills surrounding you, top view of the plains nearby and full of greenery everywhere you turn around.

little adams peak in ella sri lanka

Demodara Nine Arch Bridge

The Demodara Nine Arch Bridge is an ancient arch bridge built by British in 1921. It has high nine arches supporting the bridge and it is built entirely using solid bricks, rocks, and cement without any metal inside it. The view from the top of the bridge it has viewpoints to gives you scenic landscapes around and down under the bridge. You can also take a walk down under the bridge in private tea gardens with prior permission.

The festival starts with sanctifying a jack fruit tree and planting to four Devales or gods who guard them. It has three major processions called Kumbal Perahara, Randoli Perahara and Maha Randoli Perahara. The Kumbal Perahara is the first procession of Sacred Tooth Relic for driving away evil spirits and ill will. The Randoli Perahara parades the street for 5 days with Sacred Tooth Relic. The Maha Randoli Perahara is the last procession and is the grandest event with elephants adorned in garlands, ceremonial costumes.

Scenic train ride on nine arches bridge in Sri Lanka

Ella Rock

The Ella rock is a 2-hour hiking spot which gives you breathtaking views of Adam’s peak, Ella Gap and natural landscapes surrounding you. The trip is a bit challenging and you need to take enough water and eatables to keep up your energy levels. Once you reach the top, you can enjoy incredible views from the top which is worth your tough hiking effort.

Ravana Ella Falls

The Ravana Ella falls are many levels of waterfalls with a height of 25 m. As per the local legend, King Ravana is said to have hidden a princess Sita in a cave behind the waterfall for an avenge. This cave is called as Ravana’s cave which is hidden by the waterfalls. The top view of Ravana falls to give you a majestic view below. Avoid visiting this falls during the rainy season as a torrent of the waterfall could flow suddenly.

Halpewatte Tea Factory

The Halpewatte Tea factory one of the largest and most popular tea factory in the region. You can visit the tea factory to know the step by step processes in producing tea. You can also enjoy the fresh and different flavors of tea in the factory. It produces pure Ceylon tea and tea blends like English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Afternoon tea. Large quantities of tea are directly exported from here.

Dowa Rock Temple

The Dowa Rock Temple is a historical temple thought to be built by King Walagamba during first century BC. It is few kilometers away from Ella and it has a massive 38 feet Buddha statue carved in a granite rock. Behind the statue, there is a cave and an 11 km long tunnel inside the cave guarded by a King Cobra made of clay.  The scenic landscapes of Ella with it exotic places to visit makes Ella a must-visit place on your tour to Sri Lanka. You will carry a long cherishing and mesmerizing memories of the place for years after your visit to Ella.

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