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Experience The Magic Of Mirissa

If ever your dreams take you to Sri Lanka, and you happen to be looking for a chic and quaint town that allows you to escape into the lush, green country life, you might give some thought to Mirissa. Mirissa is a small town that is situated in Sri Lanka’s southern coast.

The town is found in Matara District that sits in the Southern Province. The country’s capital, Colombo is located some 93 miles to the north. Being such a secluded town, Mirissa continues to appeal to tourists and adventure lovers that relish a calm and serene experience. Read on to uncover some of the most popular attractions in this small but vibrant town.

Go for Some Whale Watching

Whale watching is a fun-filled experience that no matter how many times you do it, it never loses its power to awe. As you probably know, Sri Lanka is among the very few countries where you can seamlessly watch the blue whale, and Mirissa has a fair share of these whales. The best time to visit if you are coming here exclusively for whale watching is between the months of November and April, as well as July and September.

As a first time visitor, consider the months of December through Match as the ocean is less violent around these times. In a typical whale watching tour, not only will you be treated to endless sights of this majestic sea beast, but you will also sight lots of other sea creatures such as turtles and even whale sharks.

Experience Merissa's Enchanted Beaches

Sandy beaches, calm and relaxing breeze, palm trees – these are some of the features that constitute an enchanted beach. But it is often difficult to find a beach with all the above treats. However, you can look at Mirissa Beach as a pleasant exception to that rule.

From afar, the beach is marked by palm trees. But you only need to draw close enough to experience the essence of Mirissa Beach. With lots of white sands to lounge about and gentle, inviting waves, this is just the right place to immortalize the best of life.

Enjoy beach activities at mirissa beach in sri lanka

Sample The Best Of Sri Lanka's Delicacies

One of the best ways to relish your trip to Mirissa is to sample some of Sri Lanka’s best cuisines. Mirissa boasts lots of restaurants that serve both indigenous as well as exotic dishes.

Some of the notable mentions include the Margherita Italiano that mainly serves Italian dishes like pasta, the Shady Lane that serves Australian delicacies and Little Tuna-Sushi which, as the name suggests, is a perfect joint to try out sushi. Whether you are looking for an eatery to enjoy delectable sea foods or fresh vegetables from nearby farms, Mirissa is just the right place for you.

Reconnect With Mother Nature At The Palm Tree Forest

Once you have had enough of Mirissa Beach, you can proceed and relish the lush green vegetation of the palm tree forest just nearby. The forest is conveniently located near one of Mirissa’s prime eateries – the Sea-Star Hotel.

Though palm trees are the main attractions here, you will also have a chance to view different tree and plant species. Plus, there are wonderful trails as well as vantage points where you can sit and savor the sight of surfers at sea.

parlm tree forest in mirissa sri lanka

Watch Beach Activities By Climbing The Parrot Rock

This is a great way to wind up your trip of Mirissa. Do not let the expression Climb The Parrot Rock fool you. This is not a rock that requires heightened tenacity to climb. Instead, it is a small mound that overlooks Mirissa Beach.

The rock is strategically placed at a spot where you can view the best of all happenings around the beach. It also offers a great scenery to the calm and breathtaking ocean. The best place to enjoy all that is either during sunrise or sunset, and our advise would be – take someone near and dear to you as there are lots of memories to build together.

Evidently, there is so much to see and do at Mirissa Beach. In order to make the most of your trip here, be sure you are visiting during the prime seasons. You do not need to worry about crowding as the town is among the least crowded tourist destinations in the country.

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