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Once the capital of the British ruling, Colombo was utilized as a sea trading port between Asia and Europe during the 5th century. Even today, old colonial buildings and people with different cultural backgrounds reveal its international influence gained in past decades. The cosmopolitan city, Colombo divided into thirteen sub-divisions and renowned as the commercial capital of the country. Being the capital city of Sri Lanka, Colombo never lacks or entertainment and places to visit while it is well known for numerous tourist attractions. For those who are looking to explore the heart of the island; here are some things to see and do in Colombo.

  • National Museum of Colombo

Established in 1877 and founded by Sir William Henry Gregory, the British Governor of Ceylon Sri Lanka at the time, the Colombo Museum holds an array of artefacts from the ancient era. The beautiful building standing amidst a green park is the largest museum in the country. The interior of the museum unveils the king’s throne and crown, ancient paintings, statues, carvings, swords and attires of Kandy aristocracy – An excellent place for storytelling about glorious days in the past.

  • Galle Face Green

This urban beach-front ground, few Kilometers away Fort is a pleasing and serene lounging area for individuals, couples and families. The long stretching green land gives a clear view of the sea that could be enjoyed while walking, jogging or just relaxing. A Visit in the evening allows you to spot a perfect sunset by the beachside.

Galle Face Green is often crowded during weekends and after dusk with many people lazing on green promenade onlooking the Indian Ocean, playing games, flying kites, running and wandering around. You will come across street food vendors, selling delicious food. Try Isso Wadey, which is similar to prawn fritters served with spicy gravy. It is one of the best eats in Colombo that everyone craves for.

  • Gangaramaya Temple

As roaming in Colombo, holidaymakers will come across the Buddhist temple with a modern look in it, which is one of the oldest temples in Colombo and popular among tourists. This golden temple is a Buddhist learning centre and an extraordinary place for worshipping in the heart of the country. It houses a collection of antique vehicles, Buddha statues, relics and an elephant resting at the backyard of the temple.

  • Wander in Pettah

One of the oldest streets in Colombo, perfect for shopping on a shoestring – One could find the best deals in town.  Hop into shops beside the roads, pavement stalls, religious places like mosques and churches. The streets are frequently busy and walking by roads would be overwhelming.

  • City tour by Tuk-Tuk

Be it a sunny day or late night; tuk-tuk ride is one of a kind entertainment for exploring the highlights in Colombo. One could hire a three-wheeler depending on budget and sightsee Colombo’s major spots like Beira Lake – a large lake filled with alien green water, bustling streets, skyscraper buildings and more. A tuk-tuk ride is one of the best things to see and do in Colombo. Indeed, a satisfying journey filled with joy and excitement.

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