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Standing in the Northern Matale district between Dambulla and central province in Sri Lanka, Sigiriya regarded as the eighth world wonder and the most valuable historical monument of the country. It was King Kashyapa who selected this site as his new capital in the 5th century and built his royal palace on this enormous rock. After the king’s demise, the capital of Sigiriya and the majestic fortress was forsaken. Then it was used as a Buddhist hermitage up until the 14th century. Even today, the vibrant frescoes and remains of Sigiriya have never failed to boast of its distinguished history.

Once a capital realm of king Kashyapa, then a monastery and today a world heritage site listed by UNESCO, Sigiriya remains as a well-preserved archaeological wonder. There are plenty of things to relish and see in Sigiriya. It is not only just climbing the ironic rock but could offer more than that. Look forward to some of the best things to do in Sigiriya.

Climb the lion rock fortress

A visit to Sigiriya would remain incomplete without hiking the rock. This mysterious rocky outcrop gives the most extraordinary views of the surrounding landscapes. Climbing the stone is the most challenging part yet a worth call. The rock climbing begins from the entrance getaway shaped like a lion that directs travelers to iconic examples. One could start climbing spiral and narrow staircases to encounter the enigmatic views within the rock citadel. Inside, you will come across frescoes, colourful artworks displaying beautiful ladies bearing lotus flowers, water gardens, the mirror wall, boulder gardens and terraced gardens. All these recalls Sigiriya’s glorious past. The final part of the climb, leading to the summit unfolds the surprise you have been waiting for. The fascinating panoramas to the bordering settings are some of the best views Sri Lanka has to offer.


Travelers could keep hiking one after the other. Pidurangala is the next climbing point located a few kilometers from Sigiriya’s vicinity and one of the is best views in Sigiriya. 

While Sigiriya is famous for historical past, Pidurangala gives you the natural atmosphere although housing a religious site. It is a great place to catch the sunrise and enjoy 360 views of encircled backdrops and to catch the best view of the lion rock fortress. The hike is relatively easy and takes only 20 to 30 minutes depending on your energy level. Midway through the walk, travelers will reach the Pidurangala temple housing a huge reclining Buddha sculpture.

One climbing Pidurangala rock should be more mindful of attires – Women should cover their shoulders and knees. Since it is a religious place, modesty becomes a priority. Also, be conscious of your photographs – avoid sensual selfie and photography, unless you want to end up handcuffed.


Village Visit

This is one of a kind tour in Sigiriya. Travelers could pay a small sum to hire an ox cart and discover the attractions of Sigiriya village. Go around the rustic village sighting acres of fruitful green paddy fields, friendly people, lakes and end it with authentic Sri Lankan lunch. The bullock cart ride ends next to a village house serving guests with traditional Sri Lankan village-style meal. Indulge in an everlasting holiday in Sigiriya.

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