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Adam’s Peak

Adam’s Peak, locally known as “Sri Pada” and “Samanala Kanda”, is a world renown tourist attraction. It is located in the southern part of the central mountain range of Sri Lanka. Adam’s Peak is famous for the footprint that is on its summit, which has caused different beliefs around it.

The hill is about 7360 feet higher from the sea level. There are steps that lead from the base to the summit to ease the difficult climb. Once you manage the tough part, the views that await you at the top are really & truly breathtaking. If you are able to reach the summit in time to watch the sunrise, it’ll remain with you as one of the most awesome things you ever saw. As you stand on the top, you find the central hills rising from the east. On the west you will find land sloping away to the sea, casting astonishingly beautiful views.

Location Map