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Action Attractions in Udawalawa

Udawalawa is a town that is located in Sri Lanka in Ratnapura district. The town is almost at the boundary of the districts Monaragala and Hambantota. A significant thing about this town is that it is the main entry point to the famous

  • Udawalawa National Park

This article covers the tourist attractions in the town that will blow your mind away.Udawalawa National ParkThis is by far the main tourist attraction in the town. The park was established in 1972 as being a National Park. It was created as a sanctuary for wild animals and it covers an area of around 31,000 hectares of land. The reserve is home to buffaloes, monkeys, leopards, over 5,000 elephants and very many species of birds among other wildlife.

To get to the park it is advisable that you hire a driver or a car for the day. The safari in the park lasts for around 3 hours so you shouldn’t travel for long either before or after the safari. This is because you may probably be fatigued during the safari and could not enjoy it. That is why you are advised to embark on a day trip from Kalametiya, Ella or Tangalle.

The main activity in the National Park is taking a safari either in the morning or in the evening. Of course, you will see lots of wildlife going to take a bath by the riverside. You will see elephants flamboyantly sprinkling the water on their bodies after a long sunny day. You will also have a spectacular view of the crocodiles basking on the banks enjoying the evening warmth from the setting sun. What you need to have with you for the safari is mainly a good camera. You do not want to miss those magical moments from birds of all species and the wide variety of animals. A binocular is also potent alongside some snacks and maybe jackets in case the weather changes. That is one of the most fascinating things about Udawalawa.

  • Visit Udawalawa Dam and Reservoir

This dam is located in the middle of the Udawalawa National Park. It is a dam and still a hydroelectric power station. It is quite resourceful as it provides water for irrigation to the nearby agricultural lands while also providing power addition to the national grid.

The reservoir came about by the construction of the dam to impound water from the nearby Walawe River. The dam has got an embankment section as well as a gravity section. It is around 3.9 kilometers and resourceful because of the hydroelectric power from the same. The reservoir is also quite vital in protecting the ecosystem around Udawalawa National Park.

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