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Arugam Bay is located in the Eastern coastal region of Sri Lanka, 314 km away from Colombo along the coast-line. The village of Arugam Bay is located 5 km to the South of Pottuvil and is on the edge of the Eastern section of the Yala National Park. This place is well known for all kinds of water sport activities and wildlife. It is one of the top ten surfing locations around the world with the average height of the waves being 1.5 to 2.5 meters. The major surf spots in this region are Pottuvil Point, Main Break, Crocodile Rock and Peanut Farm. The coastal area also offers a range of sceneries for underwater photography and a challenging undersea environment for the divers with ship wrecks adding more glamour. Arugam Bay strategically targets on tourists coming to Sri Lanka with a low budget and looking to experience a diverse set of holiday activities at the same time.

Best climate lasts from May to November, when the predominant wind is offshore for the first half of the day and favors surfing. Arugam Bay is also well known for swimming, sightseeing, wildlife watching where you find some different types of birds, along with crocodiles and elephants. The range of cuisine in the region is very famous and scrumptious with its wide range of seafood dishes served with other local dishes off a traditional Sri Lankan menu.

Different classes of resorts are available in the Arugam Bay region, from luxury hotels & resorts to family beach huts for a fair range of prices. The location is internationally recognized and therefore is kept well packed all around the year with tourists coming from all over the world.

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