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People from all over the world visit Sri Lanka for shopping, sight seeing and family holiday. There are so many historical places to see here from ancient city ruins to fortresses and lighthouses. For people who have an interest in old art and architecture, Dambulla in Sri Lanka is the city to visit. It is recommended to make a day trip to this area because you might not find a good place to stay at in Dambulla. There are many attractions to see here including a national park, a museum and a traditional foods centre.

Top Attractions in Dambulla

There is a Dambulla Cave Temple in the city that the entire family can enjoy and take pleasure in. The ancient building has been a home to Buddha for many years. Inside the temple, you will also see Buddha statues as well as other kings’ and queens’ who have stayed here at some point in history. It is truly a magical place and you can have a wonderful time exploring it. There are five caves inside this temple and they are all the most impressive ones as compared to other cave temples in Sri Lanka. You will find a 14-meter statue of the Buddha inside the first cave. The largest of these five caves is known as Cave of the Great Kings.

The Dambulla Cave Temple is also known as the Golden Temple of Dambulla and it is a World Heritage Site. The Golden Temple is the first building you will encounter when visiting the caves. There are steps to the right of this temple that take you to a terrace from where you can view the large Buddha golden statue in all its magnificence.

While you’re exploring this ancient land, don’t forget to visit the Buddhist Museum, which is located at the entrance of the cave paintings. The place is particularly attractive for people who love to learn about history. When you buy the ticket for the Golden Temple, you also get to see the museum. After exploring the area, there is a walk up the hills to the actual caves.

Finally, it is a pleasure to visit the Arboretum especially if you are fond of seeing natural and well-kept jungles. Children are going to love this place as there is an abundance of butterflies and animals to see here in addition to trees and birds. It looks like a place in a fairy tale with wooden bridges over small streams and many other things that are very rare nowadays. From breathtaking greenery to beautiful and rare birds, the place has so much to offer.

Sri Lanka is a tourist heaven offering not only a range of activities but also awe-inspiring sight seeing at a reasonable cost. Honeymooners are also encouraged to visit the country and especially Dambulla, that has been a spiritual centre for Buddhists for a long time. This ancient city is home to a lot of wonderful attractions from a museum and the famous cave temple to a dedicated economic centre as well as parks, hiking trails and forests.

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